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The essential guide to car wrapping

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May 10, 2022
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Different types of window tint and how to pick the right one
May 20, 2022
The essential guide to car wrapping

Find out what benefits it offers, how much it costs, how long it lasts, in addition to the pros and cons compared to other accessories.

Your car should be just as unique as you are! And don’t worry! It’s easier than you think to give your car that new look, add protection to the bodywork, and boost its resale value!

That’s all thanks to the technology used in car wrapping installation. 

Not sure what I mean? No sweat! We’ll get into a little more detail on car wrapping in this article and what it can do for you. Keep reading!


What is a car wrapping?

Everybody knows someone who has had their car painted (or plans to) to give it an edge and personality. But painting a car for those reasons is out!

You can already find several vinyl car wraps on the market in a range of colors and textures to help you customize your vehicle.

You are free to change the color of your car entirely, opt for a matte or shiny finish, and even add a design, say, to promote your business.

When we’re talking car wrapping, the sky’s the limit!

What is vinyl car wrap

There are several types on the market to get for your car. One of the most popular is vinyl car wrap.

During application, panels are covered with vinyl to protect the paint from getting chipped by stones or fading.

Quality vinyl is designed to look like paint, and you won’t even be able to tell your car has been wrapped.

The entire vehicle is covered with thick, 3-4mm vinyl, shielding the surface paint from likely road debris. Vinyl wrapping has the advantage over repainting because it is not permanent.

So, if you decide to change back to your car’s original look, you can remove the wrap easily.

What are the benefits of vinyl car wrapping?

Car wrapping offers a wide range of benefits. Check them out below!

It’s cost-effective

When you install a car wrap to modify the color of your car, you won’t need to make any changes to the vehicle documentation. That saves you time and any eventual headaches.

Protection for your vehicle

Car wrapping shields your vehicle from external elements like loose stones, bugs, sand, keys, road salt, and UV rays.

It’s reversible

Car wraps are 100% reversible, meaning it’s not hard to change styles or go back to the original car color. While repainting your car requires sanding, which can damage and depreciate your vehicle.

They upgrade your car’s look

As we mentioned before, there is a wide range of vinyl for car wrapping. When choosing your car wrap, you get to pick from matte, satin, chameleon, and even a carbon fiber finish!

They prevent depreciation

Car wrapping also protects your car against scratches, dents, and small bumps, preventing it from losing value. Once you decide to sell your vehicle, just remove the film, and your car will look brand new.

Pros and Cons – Vinyl Wrapping vs Paint

Vinyl Wrapping pros

  • It protects your car’s paintwork; 
  • Most vinyl wraps are 100% removable; 
  • meaning you can peel them off if you decide to go back to your car’s original look; 
  • They are long-lasting if well taken care of; 
  • There are a wide variety of designs on the market. 
  • You can choose the finish (matte, glossy, or metallic).

Vinyl Wrapping cons

  •  Wrapping will not work for damaged bodywork. 
  • It might not match your style. 

Paint pros

  • It will permanently change the look of your vehicle, which is an advantage if that’s what you’re looking for.
  • It usually costs less than vinyl wrapping. 

Paint cons

  • It’s permanent.
  • Painting can take a while, and you might not have your car back so soon. 
  • Paint won’t protect your car’s bodywork. 
  • If the paint fades or there’s any damage, you’ll have to repaint it to avoid depreciation. 

How do you get your car wrapped?

The first step is to choose the color and design. Next, it’s essential to think about who you’ll get to install it. It may seem easy, but car wrapping can be quite a challenge for inexperienced installers.

An inadequate application can also reduce the effectiveness of the vinyl, leaving you with a shabby-looking, patchy car with bubbles and a few missed spots.

Pelicar customers don’t have to worry about a thing. Just make an appointment and bring your car to our workshop. Our team will take care of the cleaning and installation and help you out with some tips for a longer-lasting vinyl.

Can I put my vinyl wrapped car through a car wash?

Yes, you can have your car washed. But it’s important to find out how the shop you choose sanitizes vehicles.

Equipment with rotating brushes can cause flaking and cause the vinyl to deteriorate faster. A car wash with water spray and no brush use should be safe for most wraps.

How to clean vinyl wrap

Vinyl wrap maintenance is easier than you think. You can clean it using Simple Green or isopropyl alcohol on specific spots. Another tip is to avoid cleaning your wrap when it’s warmed up, which can deform the vinyl and cause wrinkling. 

Will car wrap damage my car’s paint?

No, vinyl wraps will not damage your car’s paint. It might come as a surprise, but because of the technology used,  you can modify the look of your vehicle without damaging the paint underneath. 

How long does vinyl wrap last?

Car wrapping can last for over seven years on vehicles that aren’t used regularly. But if driving is part of everyday life for you, you can expect it to last an average of around five years.

Another factor that can affect the lifespan of a wrap is the application. A poorly installed car wrap may start showing signs of wear early on, like peeling or dirt trapped under the wrap.

Make sure you opt for professional shops, like Pelicar, which specialize in vehicle wraps to ensure the best, long-lasting results. 

Personalize your car with a 3M™ car wrap

Don’t repaint your car! Revamp it instead with 3M™ car wrapping, the only brand with the technology and variety of colors and textures needed to give your vehicle that spectacular edge!

Change the color and appeal of your vehicle anytime with 3M™ car wrap:

  • Modify the color of your car quickly, at a low cost, without resorting to a fresh spray; 
  • Car wrap is reversible, so you can change it back when you choose to; 
  • Car wraps protect the original paintwork from sun damage and light abrasions; 
  • If you aren’t looking for a full-body wrap, you can customize it by wrapping the rearview mirrors, front or top of your car!

Car wrapping near me

Did you look up “car wrap near me”? In Massachusetts and the surrounding area, your 3M™ Pro Shop Dealer, Pelicar, has got your back.

It’s the only place with the best wraps in a wide variety of colors and textures, besides 3M™’s exclusive warranty.

Our technical skills and know-how ensure fast and flawless car wrap application, giving your vehicle first-class style and protection.

Is protecting your car your number one concern? It may be useful to read about paint protection film. Don’t forget to check out: Paint Protection film: Here’s what you need to know before installing .

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