What does being a Pro Shop Dealer involve?

3M™ knows the quality of its films hinges on how they are applied. So, before a workshop can get an official representative seal, they are first handpicked and put through training.

Becoming a 3M™ Pro Shop Dealer involves making sure your workshop can offer top-notch, professional service. Shops must also guarantee mastery of 3M™ film application.

The advantages of choosing a Pro Shop Dealer workshop

To be approved as a 3M™ Pro Shop Dealer, installers must prove they are experienced and can guarantee
the highest-quality service with 3M’s premium automotive film solutions.

Pro Shop Dealers can offer the cutting-edge quality and durability that only 3M™ films ensure.

Our customers get:

Protection against
excessive heat

Have more

Protection against
UV and IR rays

Protection for the
vehicle interior

Aesthetics to match
personal style

Lifetime maintenance at
any authorized 3M™

More comfortable driving
with reduced reflection

More security for vehicle
owners and their items!

Do you live in or around MA?!

Then your search for the best Window Tinting installer is over!

With 30+ years of experience, Pelicar Window Tinting offers a flawless film application for cars, homes, and offices.

Combining cutting-edge technology and know-how, we offer our clients custom solutions. That means you’re sure to get tints for your particular needs and budget.

Cutting-edge technology

We use a Computerized Film Cutting System to
shape our molds! With this innovative film cutting
technology, we can cut films to the precise
dimensions of any model’s windows
, with
guaranteed accuracy and shades that provide safety.

We have a wide range of colors, shades, and models you can pick from.

Are you looking for something more customized?
Pelicar’s got it! We can add any window tint design you’d like with our equipment.

Cutting-edge technology

Pelicar has the shades and
colors that match your style!


Quick and flawless application

Do you have a hectic work schedule? Don’t sweat it! We’re 100% equipped for a flawless application!
Just make an appointment, tell us your car make and model, and you’re all set!

In 40 minutes, you’ll be driving around again, enjoying the benefits of your high-quality window film.

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