How does window tinting help to protect vehicle leather? -

How does window tinting help to protect vehicle leather?

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May 6, 2019
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January 11, 2022
How to protect vehicle leather

There’s no way around it. When it comes to style, a sophisticated driver knows that few accessories beat the elegance of leather seats. If you don’t take care of them though, the fabric tends to wear out after a couple months.

The result? Instead of that coveted elegance, your vehicle starts to look shabby.

But don’t panic! Quality window tinting helps your leather upholstery last longer and keeps it looking brand new. 

Want to know how? Check out what our experts in window tinting have to say.

How the sun affects your car

how UV rays affect your car

Like people, cars are affected by sunlight which is composed of infrared (IR) rays that let off excessive heat. That causes faster deterioration of materials like plastic, rubber, leather car seats and other upholstery.

It may seem like nothing, but on really warm days, the inside of your car can reach 145°F!

And we can’t forget about dangerous UV rays, which are harmful to our skin, speeding up the aging process of organic components like plastics, leather, synthetic fibers and paint. 

But how does the sun damage car leather after all?

Due to its composition, leather is one of the fabrics most affected by the sun. Constant sunlight causes it to crack, stain and wear over time. 

If you’ve had this conversation with anyone, they probably recommended parking in the shade. Although it helps, that’s not enough to fully protect your vehicle.

Because even in the shade, your car keeps soaking up that UV and IR radiation.  So, while the damage is limited and the leather deterioration slowed, shade doesn’t stop faster wear over time.

How does window tinting help to protect vehicle leather?

Do tinted windows block UV rays?

Many drivers think window tinting is only about aesthetics. But although film does come in a range of shapes and tones, the benefits are far beyond being stylish.

Film tinting creates a shield against the sun’s rays, letting in just the right amount of light and blocking 99% of harmful UV and IR radiation.

Plus, quality film also helps in temperature control, blocking up to 50% of external variations and ensuring a mild temperature inside the vehicle.

Those are key factors in preventing premature wear of car leather upholstery.

can window tinting make your car safer

Pelicar Window Tinting, your 3M Pro Shop Dealer

With more than 30 years of experience in car, residence and office window tinting, Pelicar Window Tinting offers you cutting-edge technology in film install.

We use a Computerized Film Cutting System to make molds that fit your vehicle’s windows perfectly, guaranteeing an efficient, high-quality install.

Simply make an appointment, tell us your car model, and that’s it! In only 40 minutes, you’ll be enjoying the benefits of 3M window tint film.

Want to know how else we can help you protect your vehicle? Visit our services page.

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