Car Window Tinting Near Me: How to find the Best Window Tinters

Car Window Tinting Near me: How to Find the Best Window Tinters

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car window tinting near me

Car Window Tinting Near Me: Pelicar is your official film installer in Massachussets

Did you type “Window Tinting Near Me’ into your search bar? We got your back! You’ve found the right article! Getting window tinting for your car means more than just adding personality and style to your vehicle. It’s also about providing comfort, safety, and privacy for yourself and your passengers.

But finding a shop with cutting-edge technology, quality products, and qualified staff is the only way to get those benefits.

This article covers what to consider when choosing the best window tint installers.

Ask around

Did any of your friends, workmates, or family members have their windows tinted? Talk to them about it! Ask them about their experience – everything from making an appointment to install to tint film durability.

If possible, ask whether you can check out their window tint and see what you think of the quality.

Once you have enough info, make a list of recommendations, and weigh the pros and cons. You’ll more likely make a good choice that way.

Check out online reviews

Although it’s good to have recommendations from people you know, it’s not always easy to gauge the quality of a service based on a single opinion. It’s a good thing we can find reviews online and get a good idea of a shop’s customer service.

Remember that even if a shop is great, it’s unlikely all their reviews will be positive. Be sure to check the number of negative ones, what they were about, and the shop’s reply.

Were they concerned about solving the problem? Did they offer an explanation and do their best to work it out? If so, points for them! Treating customers well shows that both the shop and staff are serious about the quality of their services and their customer service.

You can find reviews on sites like Yelp, Google Maps, and the specific shop’s social media. Check these official channels, and you’ll find honest, verified reviews.

Window tinting near me in Massachusetts
Window tinting near me in Massachusetts 2
Window tinting near me in Massachusetts 3

Find out what materials they use

Besides the technical skills of staff and technology, the quality of the material used will impact the end result.

As we explained in other articles on our website, consider your objectives when choosing the type of tint film. Contact the team, tell them what you need, and ask them about models and brands with the best cost-benefit.

Pelicar Window Tinting Boston MA

Got time? Visit shops near you

Time is a scarce resource nowadays. But if you do get a couple of hours, consider visiting the shops near your home.

Visiting in person gives you the chance to ask questions and check out the results of window tinting services on different models first hand. You can also ask them to show you different window tint shades and colors, so you can choose something to match your personal style.

You can also watch the staff in action and get a good idea of how they behave. Are they professional? Do they treat their clients’ vehicles respectfully? Are they in uniform? Are they concerned about hygiene?

These are just a few examples of what you can check out at a shop and will give you an idea of what to expect as far as service.

Car with dark window tint

Window Tinting Near Me: Pelicar Window Tinting: your official film installer in Massachusetts

Do you live in Massachusetts or the surrounding area? Then your search for the best window tint installer is over!

Pelicar Window Tinting has over 30 years of experience installing automotive, residential, and commercial window tints.

We pair cutting-edge technology and knowledge to give you customized solutions and provide affordable tints that meet your needs.

3M™ Pro Shop Dealer

We’re committed to the quality and resilience of our products. That’s why we have 3M™ automotive window tint films.

They help us give customers access to:

  • Protection from excess heat;
  • Privacy;
  • Protection from UV and IR rays;
  • Conservation of vehicle interiors;
  • Aesthetics to match your personal style;
  • Lifetime maintenance in any 3M™ Authorized Distributor; 
  • Comfortable driving due to glare reduction;
  • And more safety for you and your personal items.

Cutting-edge technology

At Pelicar, we use a Computerized Film Cutting System, innovative technology that cuts window tint patterns to fit the exact specifications of your vehicle. We follow the specifics of each car to get the perfect shade and ensure our customers’ vehicles are safe.

Customized design

We have a wide range of tint colors, shades, and cut patterns to choose from.

Are you looking for customized tints? You got them at Pelicar! We’re equipped to add the window tint design of your choosing.

Pelicar has shades and colors to match your style

Quick and flawless install

Are you always on the go? Don’t sweat it! Our micro-edge film technology guarantees a quick and flawless install! Just make an appointment, tell us the model of your car, and that’s it!

In 40 minutes, you’ll be all set to drive around as you enjoy the benefits of quality car window tints.

Car Window Tinting Near Me: How To Get to Pelicar

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